The Pain...oh, the Pain

My history with UTI probably began when I was a tot. I have a recollection of a searing pain in my groin that brought me to my knees as a 5-year old one sunny Spring day on my paternal grandparents' front lawn. I recall that pain because it repeated itself many times down through the years...

I recall bladder infections that were so excruciatingly painful that I passed out on the floors of public washroom cubicles.

At five I was put to sleep with ether and my appendix was removed. This was in the Glory Day of the Surgeon's Knife: appendectomies, gall bladder removals, tonsilectomies, mastectomies, lobectomies, hysterectomies... it's a challenge to find a man, woman, or child from that era who is intact.

Well, I have struggled through life without an appendix, but I continued to get urinary tract infections. At different times I worked in hospitals, so would check into Emergency to get some drugs to kill the infection (usually Sulfa in the old days). I guzzled gallons of cranberry cocktail and hoped that that would cure it. When it didn't, I would go off to my doctor, or to the walk-in clinic after hours, and ask for something powerful to knock "the bug" out of my system.

I did the prescribed hygienic protocol: I carefully wiped myself from front to back; I showered instead of bathing; I wore only cotton undies. And still I got two, sometimes three, urinary infections each year.

I was often referred to specialists, usually urologists. Once I had a cystoscopy (a scope of my urinary system, particularly my bladder).

Still the urinary infections persisted. And no one seemed to know why.


I went to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practictioner. I filled out a lengthy information sheet for their files asking questions about everything from my digestion to my family medical history (in fair detail) to my recurring dreams.

And to make this story a little shorter, after a few weeks using homeopathic drops a couple of times a day, I have not had a urinary infection since. No more stinging cystitis. No feverish, mind-fogging, nauseating pain emanating from my ureter or bladder or kidney or wherever. In over five years. Nada.

click meSince that time I have become a believer in less invasive, more natural forms of healing as a first line of action. I feel much more confident, in general, and I feel more in charge of my own health and wellness journey.

Because of my fairly prolonged experience with urinary tract infections I am devoting this blog space to sharing learnings about living on the other side of that pain and torment. I hope you will check back here for tips, articles, and encouragement. Please also feel free to comment on anything you read here and to add your story to the mix.

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