Smoking and Urologic Infections

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Back in the days when I smoked (and I was a very adept smoker of up to two packs a day towards the end of that career) I was prone to all kinds of urologic infections-- bladder infections, kidney infections, etc.

It makes sense to me now why I would have gotten so many infections. Although the act of smoking does not "directly" cause a urinary tract infeciton (you don't generally pull in bacteria from the cigarette),  smoking lowers the immune system's ability to fight infection. Smoking affected both my antibodies (a group of chemicals that circulate in the blood stream) and the cells whose job it was to attack foreign substances.

The carbon monoxide and other toxins in the cigarette smoke didn't do me any good either-- I was always tired, short of breath, and married to that next cigarette. I sure wasn't getting the oxygen that I needed to keep the toxins exiting from my body.

Find a way to quit smoking and you WILL feel better and start your body on a healing journey without the input of filthy tar and nicotine.  Although vaporizers were supposedly invented to help smokers, there is no evidence of their being any more effective than plain old cold turkey with support.

If you are interested in online support to quit smoking, there are a number of "groups" and some courses like the following.  I reviewed a number of the courses at Udemy, an excellent broker for online courses, and found think that the following course is the most likely to help you get over the hump with a warm, animated, and knowledgeable ex-smoker as the teacher.    It is a 30-DAY COURSE but the scheduling is up to you, each day being a stand-alone course.  You can come back at any time and complete or re-do the course if you need to at no extra charge. 

Click the butts BELOW to begin to kick the butt forever!   

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