The Blocked Urethra

A puffy, enlarged prostate can block the urethra in older men. Because of this, it is challenging to empty the bladder entirely, and leaking of urine results.

I recall this happening to a family member. The pressure and discomfort became overwhelming. His worried spouse couldn't talk him into seeing a doctor, but his race-track buddy suggested he take a cab the hospital outpatients' clinic-- for the first time in his over seventy years (never saw a doctor, but had a medicine cabinet overflowing with across-the-counter meds). He experienced great relief when he was catheterized.

The symptoms of Enlarging Prostate (EP)might include:
*Frequent feeling of having to urinate
*Getting up at night to urinate two or more times
*Urination starts and stops
*Symptoms cause problems in your day-to-day life

Check with your health care provider!

Self-care and prevention includes:
*a good diet, preferably plant-based and/or raw
*eliminating coffee and alcohol
*drink pure water and unsweetened fruit juices, such as cranberry juice
*exercise-- a medical study shows that men who walk more than two miles a
day had two-thirds the rates of serious disease (such as prostate cancer)
*Get More Info on Prostate Dr. for Prostatitis, BPH, and Enlarged Prostate

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