Essential Oils, DMSO and Bladder Infection

Bladder pain-- known as 'interstitial cystitis'--has the following symptoms:
*Tenderness; chronic pain in the region of the bladder (pelvic area)
*Frequent urge to urinate
*The intensity of pain varies according to whether the bladder is filling or voiding
*Symptoms are generally worse during a woman's period

Women quite often suffer from bladder infections more than men because women have a shorter urethra, making easier access for bacteria to the bladder.

I will mention a couple of effective modalities in this brief article.  One, therapeutic-grade essential oils, are an amazingly pleasant way to gain freedom from pain and infection.  The other agent might be somewhat less well-known, but is actually a naturally-occurring compound that has been the subject of medical studies and is approved by the FDA for use in dealing with interstitial cystitis.  This substance is called DMSO, which stands for Dimethyl sulfoxide.  I explain more about its pretty incredible effects on bladder infection below.

**Therapeutic-grade pure EssentialOils-- 

the "blood of the plant" that has been distilled at a low temperature in optimum conditions for preserving its nutrients-- have a history of healing that extends back to ancient times. You will read, for example, of over one hundred references to essential oils in the Bible. The Magi brought the oils of Frankinsence and Myrrh to the Christ Child because these precious substances were esteemed worthy of a king because of their valuable healing properties.
You might try any one of the following oils for bladder problems. Lie down, put a few drops of the oil over the bladder, diluted with a simple pure carrier oil (like coconut oil or almond oil, for example) and cover with a hot water bottle or warm moist towel. Do this several times a day.

The Essential Oils to try: Oregano. Mountain Savory. Tea Tree. Thyme. Cistus. Juniper. Rosemary or Clove.

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DMSO is a by-product in the wood processing industry.  If you use it, you will inevitably be reminded of the smell of any pulp mills you have driven past, but, blessedly, the scent is forgotten when the quick-acting pain relief kicks in.  Or for most people, the 'fragrance' (similar to raw garlic) will be overlooked.  Those who are sensitive to the garlic smell will likely opt to use slower-acting and less reliable essential oils, or result to pharmaceutical pain killers (many with worse side effects than a slight garlicky odour).

I have found DMSO in local whole food health stores, as both a liquid, which can be used in a small amount as a gentle circulating massage over the painful area, or a less watery DMSO gel.  Some people will find that they can get a prescription for DMSO from their vet for their pet but not find it in their local pharmacy or health store.  Fortunately, it can be sourced online. Do more reading on this urologist-developed remarkable natural substance.  I highly recommend it, not only for interstitial cystitis but also for other pain.  (Please note that I am not a doctor or medically-trained person, just someone who has successfully overcome pain with natural substances). 

Amazon offers both a gel and the liquid variety of DMSO.

***Consult with your health care provider before administering any essential oils or other aids to wellness.

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