Homeopathic Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections

In the past I have experienced a great deal of success in overcoming certain conditions with the use of homeopathy. I used to go to a very wise and skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine homeopath. I have even used the Internet to prescribe for myself, and with success I might add. The thing about homeopathics is that if they don't work, they haven't cost you an arm and a leg, and more important-- I haven't run across any that did me any harm or caused side-effects.

Towards the end of the 18th Century, a Saxon physician, Samuel Hahnemann, developed medicine that used immeasurably minute amounts --diluted and diluted and diluted until what you have is the essence of the essence-- of various minerals and plant substances that would stimulate healing in patients.

Homeopathic practictioners are trained to look at a person's "constitutional type" along with how symptoms manifest for the individual. In effect, there are several possible homeopathic treatments for Urinary Tract Infections. Some of them include:

  • Apis Mellifica- This might be prescribed for the patient who feels a burning, stinging feeling during urination (like a bee sting- thus, apis, or bee)and who has a need to pee often, but who only produces drops.

  • Aconitum- might be appropriate to someone who recognizes a UTI coming on and who has hot, painful urination

  • Berberis-could be taken by someone who is experiencing UTI pain that extends from the bladder to the pelvis and back, possibly radiating through the arms and legs as well.

  • Cantharsis- frequently prescribed for patients who have urgency to urinate with pain on urinating, and who also have sexual desire inspite of their pain.

  • Mercurius- for individuals who experience night-time urgency and urinary pain. The urine is frequently dark colored and scant, and the pain often occurs apart from the actual urination.

  • Nux Vomica- the needle-sharp pain on urinating is often accompanied by a bowel movement and may follow over-indulgences in eating, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs.

  • Pulsatilla- often works well for people who have some stress incontinence (dribble urine when laughing or sneezing)and who feel very insecure, craving attention and care. Pulsatilla often works well when the UTI occurs during the warm weather and the sufferer has chills and fever.

  • Sarsaparilla- prescribed for women who sometimes feel the need to stand during urination, and who experience pain in the concluding part of urinating.

  • Staphysagria- for persons who have UTIs following sexual intercourse, or who have been sexually abused. There may be the sensation that there is a single drop of urine still remaining in the bladder at the conclusion of urination.

  • *information thanks to the University of Maryland Medical Center site

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