How to Stop Urinary Tract Infections during Menopause

As though menopause isn't already full of enough unpleasant "changes"-- hot flashes, dry membranes, emotional rollercoastering-- it seems that it is also a time for greater susceptibility to urinary tract infection.

Increased risks for getting a urinary infection include pregnancy, urinary infections as a child, diabetes, and menopause. Women are engineered in such a way that the urethra is short and predisposed to gathering up the bacteria around the genito-uro-rectal area. Said bacteria can develop into infections as it makes it way up the urinary tract (which includes entries into the bladder and kidneys). The body's natural response to foreign bacteria is to do whatever it can to get rid of it.

If the bladder weakens it will frequently not do its job of expelling urine when the bladder is 'full'. An overstretched bladder will often retain urine, providing a place to grow the bacteria that has entered via the urinary tract. It's a good idea to empty the bladder frequently, not waiting for cues from a weakened bladder. I have found that putting gravity to work is one way to make sure that the bladder empties completely: have a small stepstool in the bathroom and place it under your feet as you sit on the toilet. Toilets in Asian countries were traditionally the sort where you had to lower your entire body into a sort of squat position, which is much more condusive to moving wastes out of the body.

Sexual intercourse can be very uncomfortable during menopause, and doubly so if you also have a urinary infection. Cleanse, front to back, before and after intercourse. Use a pristinely clean cloth for cleansing and dry with a hairdryer (on cool setting). Don't use harsh soaps-- in fact, water is fine. Some pure coconut soaps are okay. Have your partner cleanse in advance as well, of course. A condom is not a bad idea (for anyone who is not sensitive to latex)in cutting down on transmission of infections. Try different positions to decrease the irritation that comes with friction. Have a pee directly after intercourse.

Most articles you will read will suggest that you use antibiotics if you have had recurring urinary infections. I like to suggest that you support your body to heal itself in the simplest and least invasive ways possible. The hygiene mentioned above, excellent nutrition, exercise, fresh air and sunshine, a happy, stress-relieving lifestyle, and a reliance upon the Creator will all come together to provide you with good immunity.  Do you due diligence with Google to find out what the best of the best works for you and your body. God bless!

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