Old Wives' Tales...

When my mom was in her thirties, I was a teenager. Hard to believe, but the dear woman who is confined mostly to bed these days in a nursing home (a very nice nursing home)was once a magazine-reading, phone-chatting, goulash-cooking young woman. She had lots of advice about just about anything that I had happening in my life. It was never solicited. Some of it was from magazines or pop psychology books (that she read at the rate of about one every two days) and some was from her doctor, who she came close to idolizing. One of her suggestions was from this doctor about urinary infections. He told her to drink a pitcher of "Freshie" (like KoolAde)at the onset of the infection. Today we know that the sugar would pretty much counter-balance any effects that there might be from the acids (if that was the idea). But, there you have it, another piece of information to do with as you will!  I personally make a drink of raw garlic and lemon and stevia (proportions are what I like... you choose how much of each you want) and blend up.  This works for any infections and really helps to base the pH of our blood system.

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