Relaxation and the Urinary Tract

Relaxation is absolutely ESSENTIAL for top physical and emotional health. Start carving some necessary self-care time for yourself today...

What do you need to do to get that time free?

First you might need to convince yourself that you deserve it... do you?

Well known fact: if you honour yourself for the time you take to look after you, others will be more likely to value your time as well.

Are you open to finding a little wedge of self-care time?

Suggestion: Start by doing an inventory of the following (in three columns):
(1)Activities I like (2)Activities I hate (3)Activities I am ambivalent about

Look at the activities that you list under Column 2 and ask yourself: Must I absolutely do this? If so, is there an easier way to get this done?

Look at activities in Column 3-- are there some you can eliminate or do differently?

The idea is to have more time to do the Activities from Column #1-- the ones that feed your soul and keep you healthy!

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