The Acid-Alkaline Balance in the Urinary Tract

Beneficial bacteria called lactobacilli populate the urinary and genital
 tracts in our bodies and

contribute to preventing infections when there is a low pH balance (more acidic than alkaline).

 It is extremely important to recognize that the acid balance, like the acid balance in the stomach, is not related to having to eat acid-producing foods, or to attempt to make our body system more acidic. If anything, we should always try to eat alkaline-producing foods, decrease/eliminate acid-forming foods (dairy, meat, sugars, highly processed foods) to keep our stress levels down (stress produces acid) and to get the sleep and exercise our bodies need.

When our systems are highly alkaline, the right balance of acidity will be produced to counteract infection in our genital and urinary systems.

Detox, or cleansing, is an important part of starting an improved way of caring for yourself through good nutrition and other lifestyle choices.


Unknown said...

I had never heard this before, and it makes sense. I am battling a UTI right now, and I thought I was supposed to try to make my system more acidic. Where can I learn more online about pH balance?

Alkaline Foods said...

Nicely said, Not bad at all! Interesting piece of information. I find it to be honest, useful and fresh so thank you so much for posting this!

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