Essential Oils for a Child's Urinary Infection

A friend's 4-year old granddaughter was experiencing a lot of itchy discomfort as the result of a urinary tract infection. She wet the bed, which is a pretty common way the body uses to try to get rid of the infection.

These are some of the symptoms:

*burning sensation when passing urine
*strongly colored, strong-smelling urine
*urine is cloudy
*feeling the frequent need to urinate, often with little 'production of urine'
*itchiness in the genital area
*back pain, mostly above the waistline
*possibly tummy pain, nausea, perhaps vomiting
*sudden bed-wetting after being dry at night

CAUTION: If you suspect a urinary infection, take your child to a health care professional immediately.

In her excellent book, Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child: More Than 300 Natural, Nontoxic, and Fragrant Essential Oil Blends, Valerie Ann Worwood gives some very good information about preventing and healing urinary infections.

Here are some of the Essential Oils that help:
Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
Chamomile German

Try them in the following ways:

HERE IS THE URINARY TRACT INFECTION MIX. Take some time to properly combine the following, preferably in a dark glass bottle (such as an empty essential oil bottle that has been well washed out):
*5 drops niaouli
*5 drops melaleuca
*5 drops bergamot
*5 drops mandarin
*5 drops chamomile german


Put 1 Cup of warm water into a bowl and add 5 drops of the URINARY MIX above. Soak the compress material (soft organic cotton is good), squeeze out and apply on your resting child's back, just above the waistline... (child should be lying on tummy for this).


Use the appropriate number of drops of the above mix diluted in the appropriate amount of vegetable oil (sesame oil, virgin coconut oil, V6, virgin olive oil) and rub gently over the child's lower back.

Age of Child/ # of drops of UTI Mix/ Amount of Vegetable Oil

Newborns: 1 drop of UTI mix to 1 ounce Veg. Oil
2-6 months: 1-2 drops of UTI mix to 1 ounce Veg. Oil
6-12 months: 1-3 drops of UTI mix to 1 ounce Veg. Oil
1-4 years: 1-5 drops of UTI mix to 1 ounce Veg. Oil
5-7 years: 3-6 drops of UTI mix to 1 ounce Veg. Oil
8-12 years: 5-9 drops of UTI mix to 1 ounce Veg. Oil
12 years and over: 5-10 drops of UTI mix to 1 ounce Veg. Oil

Other suggestions:

*Cut out all sugar-y foods and drinks
*Increase your child's filtered water drinking
*No bubble baths
*Use diluted pure essential oils in the bath
*clean organic cotton underwear is suggested (not 'pullups')
*warm compresses, warm water bottles (NOT HOT), or warmed towels placed over the area of the kidneys often helps-- on the back, just above the waist
*Little girls must be taught to wipe from the front of the genital area to the back only

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