Avoid UTI when you avoid the Home Spa

Dr. David G. Williams writes that a Texas A & M University microbiologist recently did testing on 43 different drain-after-use whirlpool baths and found that

  • 95% contained fecal bacteria
  • 81% harbored fungi
  • 36% had the same bacteria that causes Legionnaires' Disease

  • It appears that whirlpool tub water is over 19,000X more toxic than tap water!

    Williams suggests that there are ways to sanitize the pipes and jets to prevent the re-circulation of this bacteria and fungi after you drain your spa.

    I would also say think twice about using the whirlpools in hotel rooms!

    ~extracted from the pre-publication edition of "The 50 Dumbest & Deadliest Medical Myths in Your Mailbox"

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