UTIs and What Body Parts NOT to Wash With Soap

Dr. Ben Kim writes that he does not recommend using even the mildest probiotic soap on a regular basis
"...on the anal sphincter area or so that it comes into regular contact with the inner walls of the
vagina or the urethra in males and females.
(The urethra is the tube through which urine exits the body.)

These areas have specialized mucosal linings that shouldn't be dried out with any type of soap - warm or hot water is all that should be used in these areas. 

The rest of one's private areas can be washed with soap without ill effects.  It's the mucosal lining that is INSIDE of the areas mentioned above that should be protected.

If the anal sphincter is washed with a mild soap, then one can apply some natural moisturizer to this area right after washing - coconut oil or something similar would work well for this purpose."

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