Natural and Speedy Treatment for Yeast Infections

Natural yeast infection cures are the weapon of choice by most women who suffer from the itching, burning and skin irritation of vaginal yeast infections. More women than men develop yeast infections, but men and children also can get the symptoms of the condition. By using natural remedies as early in the outbreak as possible, you will be feeling relief much earlier and will have longer periods of relief between outbreaks. Natural remedies have fewer side effects than antibiotics and do not cause damage to helpful bacteria that help to control yeast outbreaks.
Treating Infections With Garlic
Garlic as a cure for any number of infections has long been used by those seeking natural remedies. A single garlic clove inserted into the vagina will fight yeast growth without killing off the good bacteria that control yeast. If you prefer, an all natural-yeast tablet placed in the vagina will work just as effectively. Yeast can be taken internally to lower cholesterol and bring high blood pressure under control.
Yogurt Applications
A tampon can be dipped in plain yogurt and inserted into the vagina for temporary relief from the burning and itching. The yogurt must be plain, rather than vanilla. The tampon should be removed after a short time. If it is allowed to remain in place, the itching will return.
Apple-Cider Vinegar in the Bath
A cup of apple-cider vinegar stirred into hot bath water is a soothing and anti-bacterial agent. Do not apply the vinegar full strength, as it is too strong and may sting or burn unbearably rather than cooling the inflamed and itchy area. If you are interested in losing weight, drinking a dose of apple-cider vinegar each day will help to burn calories.
Cleanse and Detoxify with Water
If more women would be faithful about drinking plenty of water each day, there would be fewer outbreaks of yeast infections and many other types of ailments. More water detoxifies the cells of the body. Waste material is excreted through the urine. Overall bodily health helps to fight off all sorts of illnesses and ailments.
Treatment with Oil of Oregano
Oil of oregano taken internally is an effective treatment for fungal and yeast infections. It should be taken daily. Choosing a product that is pure and high in carvacrol is the best option. Carvacrol is the effective substance in the herb oil.
Prevent the Outbreak
The best remedy of all for a vaginal yeast infection is to avoid getting it in the first place. General health principles and the remedies mentioned above are all good at preventing and curing the condition. You can also include these actions when you are fighting off a yeast outbreak: Wear cotton undergarments, reduce or eliminate sugar in the diet and avoid feminine deodorants.
You may not be able to get rid of yeast infections completely, but by taking advantage of natural yeast infection cures the outbreaks may come less often and be less severe. If your total health picture is improved, you may be able to fight off the conditions that lead to vaginal yeast infections. Remember to begin treatment for acute attacks as soon as you notice the symptoms.
Yeast infection cures especially cures for yeast infection during pregnancy using either preventative or natural remedies are most likely to provide instant relief with less side effects and extended periods between episodes.

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