Castor Oil for Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections

In ancient times, the castor bean plant was referred to as the "Palma Christe" because the shape of the leaves was thought to resemble the pierced palms of Christ.  The oil from the bean has long been held with great esteem as an effective healing agent for a multitude of illnesses and disabilities.

My personal experiences with castor oil were unpleasantly memorable and not something that I ever hoped to smell or taste again.  I was therefore a little shocked when a very good friend of mine (blogging here) started to tell me about all the magical qualities of castor oil for healing, soothing and getting rid of wrinkles.

And wouldn't you know it-- castor oil is also useful in healing cystitis, urinary tract infections and/or bladder infections!  Simply rub generously into the skin on the lower abdomen, lie down, cover abdomen with a 'flannel', and put your heating pad (best) or hot water bottle (okay) on top of the flannel for 30-60 minutes.  The castor oil I bought at Safeway was near the laxatives (of course- since that is the usual reason people in North America use it) and cost less than $3 for a small bottle.  I would rather have bought the "cold press" variety they suggest in different places online, but I couldn't find it in the stores I went to.  When I am done with this bottle, I will go back to Walmart and ask the pharmacist (who was gone last night by the time I got there).  Please let me know if this works for you, or if you have tried it for other things.  If you watch the video below (by my favourite Aussie naturopath) you will learn more about poultices in general.

All the best!

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