Foot Soak for Urinary Tract Infection

Unbelievably soothing if you have cystitis with your urinary tract infection, the following 'foot soak' is as effective, in most cases, as if you did a sitz bath or took a regular bath. 

The essential oils are very small molecules and are able to send their healing properties right through the bottom of the foot and into through the blood stream and even cross the blood-brain barrier.

You can use different essential oils (example: lemon, basil, eucalyptus, fennel) but I have chosen Clary Sage for this particular 'recipe' since it is a uterine tonic said to strengthen the kidney.  You might want to add a few drops (2-5) of Lemon Essential Oil (or a lemon itself, cut in half, skin and all) to assist in the cleansing and soothing.

Find a large-enough, comfortable basin to accommodate both feet.  I use a large turkey roasting pan (I am vegetarian and will never use it again to roast a turkey).

Add the following to the basin:

*1 T. Honey
*1 T. green, eco-friendly Dishwash Liquid (your choice of brand)
*1/4 C. Sea Salt or Epsom Salts
*2 T. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or other accessible cooking oil)
*5-15 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil (less is often better)
*Whole fresh Lemon, cut in two*(optional)

Add very warm water (do not scald your feet though) to the basin.  Soak for 10-15 minutes.  Rinse your feet off with clear water to get rid of any toxins that are brought to the surface of the skin.  

This soak is a detox and has a relaxing, moisturizing, disinfecting effect. 

 Substitute other essential oils for different conditions.

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Thanks for the lovely home recipe to feel comforted with such an infection.Aromas have a lot to do to heal the body indeed.

Cynthia said...

You're welcome... sounds like you know how much comfort is needed on these occasions! I would definitely recommend that pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils be used, such as the link in the blog, so as not to have contact with chemical solvents that are often used to process essential oils.

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Unknown said...

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