How I Got Rid of Prostatitis Without Drugs or Surgery

by Joe Smith**

I first got prostatitis in 1992 when I was 42 years old. I experienced frequent urinary urgency and when I went to relieve myself I had a burning feeling and it seemed like I was not able to quite finish the process of emptying my bladder. I was at a church camp meeting at the time. I thought I had some kind of bug. I didn't know anything much about prostatitis.

 I endured the pain and discomfort as I drove home from the camp and I immediately went to my doctor who examined me and pronounced the prostate enlargement and infection.  He prescribed Sulfa Drugs.  Far from healing up the symptoms, I ended up hallucinating and tossing and turning in lieu of sleeping.  I went to a Chinese Medicine specialist who prescribed some little pills that did relieve me of the pain, eventually (I think it took about a week for the cystitis to abate).  

Then in 2011 I came down with another prostate infection. This time as I drove to a funeral I had to stop several times en route to attempt to relieve the cystitis. The pain was intense. I ended up in a hospital emergency ward. The doctor on call there prescribed antibiotics. Just as I had had to the Sulfa drugs almost twenty years earlier, I had an uncomfortable reaction. I called the doctor and described my reaction and he told me to discontinue the antibiotics. I wasn't willing (trusting enough) to return to him for more different drugs. My wife felt pity and went out to a compounding pharmacy to see what the chemist could recommend. She came back with some little pills. I took them but didn't experience more than minimal relief.

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About a week later I was in a health food store and ran into a man I knew very slightly from a seminar we had attended together. Now, guys don't generally talk about their urogenital system the way women might talk about their 'plumbing', but for some reason this guy directed me over to a prostate herbal tea and said, "If you have any problems with your prostate this is the stuff to drink-- I had prostate problems once and I don't any more, thanks to this tea." I was stunned. How did he know, I wondered. (I'm now pretty sure that this is common enough among men-- especially men over 60-- that it is safe to assume that we will all experience at least a mild infection sometime in our life).

I used the directions on the box and drank a couple of cups of tea every day. By the second day I felt much better. Within the week I was back to feeling 100% better. I have never had another prostate infection since I drank that tea. Because I never want to experience that pain and discomfort again, I have a cup of that tea occasionally (about a couple of times a month at most). It is a pleasant tasting concoction. I also have gotten back into more physical activity (example: men who walk daily have fewer bouts with prostatitis than men who are sedentary and inactive), and I eat a plant-based diet. I'm not a doctor or any kind of medical practitioner, so please consult your own expert(s). I just wanted to let you know that this regimen worked for me and I'm back on a healthy, productive life track. I wish the same for you!

References in this blog are meant for information only and if you have a condition of concern, please consult with your trusted health care provider. **Joe Smith is not the real name of the person guest-blogging here.

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