Stop Candida Overgrowth and Urinary Infections

Candida overgrowth (sometimes wrongly called "yeast infection") is not a usual cause of urinary tract infection (UTI) in healthy individuals, but it IS common in the hospital setting or among individuals with compromised immunity (usually with predisposing diseases).

Candida overgrowth is often prevalent to persons who have structural abnormalities of the kidney and other parts of the urinary system (bladder, urethra, etc.) Urinary tract infections often come about when the 'candida species' invade from the bloodstream or via the urethra and bladder.

Candida overgrows and colonizes and then invades the urinary tract. Besides being the root cause of many urinary tract problems, candida overgrowth can cause and maintain a whack of uncomfortable and serious health issues- everything from skin irritations to 'common' allergy reactions to downright urinary tract infections-- maybe like the ones you have experienced.

 It is pretty common to have two or three lousey health issues concerning you at one time. If you suspect that candida is the cause of your concerns (rashes, itching, bowel problems, recurring UTIs, etc.) you will be heartened to know that by dealing comprehensively-- with a NATURAL approach-- you can not only stem your urinary infection, but you can also say bye-bye to all those other recurring health issues. Want to know more? Sign up for a Free 5-Part Free Mini-Series Course (below) that will give you the information you need to move forward into better health and increased energy while releasing the UTIs and other health concerns that have been plaguing you.

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Disclosure: I am not a medical practitioner so only offer information and research that has helped many. References in this blog are meant for information only and if you have a condition of concern, please consult with your trusted health care provider.

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