Detox and the Urinary System

The body is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14).  Along with the life-giving respiratory, blood, heart and brain systems, there are the organs of elimination that keep the system running clean and healthy.

The urinary system is part of the 'maintenance' crew.  If the urinary system is compromised with an overload of toxins, or under-irrigation with pure drinking water, or a deficiency in nutrients and periods of rest, you can bet that you will feel the results in inflammation, weakness, and infection.

Besides attending to the usual healthy, balancing lifestyle steps, it is also useful to do a detoxification process from time to time.  Sometimes that bout with 'flu' symptoms is actually the body's way of detoxing itself.  You are often forced to go to bed to rest, to drink the fluids your body craves and to reject the fluids that create a toxic crisis (alcohol, caffeinated drinks, sugar-loaded juices and sodas).  This is the kind of 'detox' that is unpleasant and relatively out of our control.

A planned detox can incorporate elements of the body's own natural lead: getting rest while giving the body necessary fluids and nutrients while cutting out allergens and inflammatory substances.  A healthy detox can result in renewed energy, release of bloat and inflammation, opening blockages, a feeling of 'focus' and hope for the future with improved health habits.

 From a holistic perspective, whatever benefits one body system, benefits the whole body.  If you have had a bout with a urinary infection or prostatitis, you might be looking for information to lessen your involvement with pharmaceutical drugs and their unpleasant side-effects and get your body running smoothly and pain-free again.  A detox could help with this.

**I am not a doctor or a medical expert, but I am one of many people who has had a successful release from urinary issues by learning to care for my body with natural remedies and good, scientific information about the alternatives to allopathic medicine with its focus upon pathology and not wellness.  Please speak to your professional health care guide before undertaking a detox.

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